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There is an immense amount of need amongst students who are struggling to reach the established academic criteria with in school across the state of Kansas. Hundreds of students who, for one reason or another, are behind where they need to be academically. And without the proper guidance and support, will continue to perform the way they have. We aim to take on those challenges and to harvest success regardless of the circumstances. To succeed Against All Odds.



We focus on providing help to at risk youth in need of guidance and  support. To achieve this, we use various methods including programs to help students recover credits to graduate on time through Ready To Impact, providing behavioral coaching, and more.



We aim to provide teachers and leaders in education with the knowledge, understanding, and capabilities to connect with their students and be more effective in the efforts they take to improve their students achievements.


Something about speaking at conferences and engagements. Not entirely sure what to say here just yet.

Our programs focus on the students, redirecting them toward a positive academic outcome, and teaching them to build productive habits.

Learn how to connect with and understand your students through our training courses. We provide better social knowledge and understanding.



In need of our services or want to learn more information? Provide us with your contact information to get in contact with us. You can also reach us directly at the contacts below.

Phone: (316) 303-4701

Robert is an amazing speaker who can truly connect with his audience on a personal level. He has a gift for inspiring, motivating, and empowering both staff and students, leaving a lasting impact that will stay with you long after the event is over.

Rhonda Hicks

Director Upward Bound Wichita Prep and Empowerment Programs

“Mr. Love is an amazing mentor who is both selfless and understanding of students’ needs.”

Sergeant Skylar M. Holt

U.S. Marine Corps

“You have, and continue to, set an example of leadership through your involvement in a number of areas. Thank you very much for actively helping to achieve our objective and for participating in the development of others through the Leadership Wichita program.”

Gerald H. Holman

Senior Vide President, Operations

“Robert, we’ve come to you many times for help with this program and once again you’ve helped the class see a bigger picture. Thank you for caring so much about Education and for sharing that with all of us.”

DeAnn Sullivan

“It goes without saying that you are held in high esteem and have the greatest respect given to you by your fellow workers and those that know of your work.”

Samuel E. Spaght

Assistant Superintendent

“I have the highest regard for Robert Love and his ability to work with difficult students. He has shown repeatedly that he will do whatever is needed to help students and staff.”

Sheril Logan

College of Education Assistant Dean, Wichita State University

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